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Wow… I’m so incredibly heartbroken and shocked…. But I guess I you’re happier… So much for best friend and true love… I need some time to myself…. This is gonna be my last post…. I’m sorry for everything… Goodbye.

Sunday March 18, 2012

Didn’t get much sleep but the sleep I did get I had some intense dreams! 😳 I feel good tho I feel like I can finally move on and learn from the mistakes I’ve made now :) today shall be a good day :) positivity

Oh my gawd! =O haha

Mmm…. Mmmmmm I swear…. 8)

:D very true!

:D very true!


I feel sooooo much better!!! 😁 hahaha :)

I might roll tonight? Hmmm… O.o

Wise words

"you can’t make a hoe into a housewife…."

"but you can teach her to do the dishes!" hahahaha my dads hilarious!

So much for that great spectacular plan… I was trying so hard to be romantic and sweet and you’ll never even see that… You’re sooo upset in everything… I feel like I’m losing you for reals this time an there is nothing I can do about it… =’/ I tried boo please someday see that… I love you and I swear no other girl or woman will ever have my heart because I truly gave it to you… You’re my best friend and I’m you’re nightmare… You’re my hero and I’m gonna be what you tell your kids to never be like… I fucked up on the love of my life… I didn’t like the cards I was dealt so I changed my hand… I was foolish and I’ll admit it… I wish you could see how terribly sorry I am and how much I think about you every day… I know you have been doing the opposite but I constantly think of you and regret so many things… I just wish you could see how sorry I am… :(

So completely true… =’(

So completely true… =’(